ATCA Proposed 2017 Navigational Safety Bylaw Survey Results

ATCA Survey Results on Proposed 2017 Navigational Safety Bylaw

93% Oppose the Proposed 2017 Navigational Safety Bylaw

69% Want either motor craft free or 5 knots all the time from Lake Wanaka to Albert Town

42% Want Motor Craft Free (Lake Wanaka to Albert Town Bridge) - Our highest polling option

27% Want 5 knots all the time (Lake Wanaka to Albert Town)- Second polling option. 

11% Want status quo - Third polling option. (From the feedback we received, it's clear there is some confusion around current unrestricted speeds. Some of these voters might actually be in the 5 knots all the time catagory)

7% Want the new 2017 bylaw - Lowest polling option.



2017 Safety Bylaw Clarification

Currently, the existing 2014 Navigational Safety Bylaw allows unrestricted speeds from the Albert Town bridge to the 5 knot buoy just downstream from the Outlet Campground (just above Dean's Bank) from 10:00am - 6:00pm in Summer and 10:00am - 4:00pm in winter. There is a 5 knot limit in the Albert Town Island Swimming hole. 

The 2017 Navigational Safety Bylaw extends the unrestricted speed limit all the way to the Outlet campground. i.e. unrestricted speed limit from Albert Town Bridge to Lake Wanaka in Summer from 10:00am - 6:00pm and 10:00am - 4:00pm in Winter. The Albert Town Swimming hole is unchanged.

The bylaw is about safety, not noise or the environment, that is covered by the district plan. 

What does our community want? Does the 2017 Navigational Safety Bylaw keep everyone safe who uses the river? Does it take into account our population and tourist growth?

The discussion is not merely about the incremental change to the bylaw. The entire safety bylaw including how it applies from Albert Town to Lake Wanaka is up for review. 

If you are concerned about safety on the Clutha, be sure to submit to QLDC and give solutions. Above are two options, others include motor-craft free, 5 knot limit at all times, restrict motorised craft by certain months/days, or changing the unrestricted speed hours. 

File submissions here:…/your-vie…/navigation-safety-bylaw/

Clutha River Use In Danger

The Albert Town Community Association (ATCA) is aware of growing concerns about commercial and recreational jet boat and jet ski traffic increasing on the Clutha River. Concerns have focused on noise, shore erosion, and most importantly the safety of swimmers and other passive river users. 

Along with the increase in boat traffic, a bylaw change has been proposed that will create an unrestricted speed limit from the Outlet to the Albert Town Bridge from 10am - 6pm over the Summer and 10am - 4pm in Winter. The proposed bylaw also does not mention a 5 knot regulation for the Albert Town Island swimming area. This is a move that many feel would make the river considerably more dangerous and undesirable. The well-known tranquility of the Upper Clutha is at risk.  

If you feel strongly that the Albert Town section of the Clutha River should remain peaceful and safe for local residents, swimmers, fishers, snorkelers, kayakers, paddle boarders, rafters, bikers, and walkers you MUST file a submission to QLDC by 5:00 pm on October 31st. 


In your QLDC submission, be sure to explain your decision and future vision for the Albert Town section of the Clutha River.