ATCA February 2019 Newsletter

Three Parks Underpass

There is an obvious need for an underpass on SH 84 for pedestrians and bikers to get to Three Parks, especially children. We have been lobbying QLDC and Transit NZ to ensure it is part of the plan. Please email us your thoughts.

Permanent Traffic Signals for Albert Town Bridge

The NZ Transport Agency’s Aspiring Highways team will be installing permanent traffic signals at the Albert Town Bridge.  This work in Queenstown Lakes District will start on Monday, 11 February and is expected to be completed by early April. The new permanent traffic signals will be able to adapt to traffic demand using radar. This will ensure traffic flows as efficiently as possible across the one lane bridge. In terms of volume of traffic, keep in mind this bridge was build in the 30s!

Wanaka Airport Expansion

Do you feel Council has provided you with sufficient information on the proposed major expansion of Wanaka Airport and the required infrastructure?

A Facebook page called Wanaka Airport Action has been created in order to better inform people about what QAC might have planned for the airport and the impact those plans may have on our community.  The aim is not to tell people what to think but to get the information out there and pressure Council and QAC to be more transparent about what is planned for the airport. The community cannot respond appropriately if we don't really know what's going on.

The page includes a poll asking whether the Council ought to provide more information about the proposed airport expansion and so far the overwhelming response has been "Yes!". 

Clutha River Bylaw Changes

We were told it would never happen - a ban on powered craft on the Upper Clutha that put passive users’ safety and enjoyment ahead of jet boats and jet skis, not to mention the positive environmental spinoffs as well. The outcome is only a partial ban (01 Dec thru to 31 Apr) and doesn’t yet include the two commercial operators.

As you may have read in the Wanaka Sun, the commercial operators are allowed above the bridge but they must respect the 5 knot speed limit (as to land) from December 1 - April 31st. If you see a boat breaking the bylaw, please contact the Harbour Master at and be sure to CC: with the name of the boat and date/time of the event. Please include photo or video if you can.

We are not pleased with the removal of all time and speed restrictions below the bridge. Albert Town does not end at the bridge. We will continue to fight to ensure all of Albert Town can use the river safely and not be subjected to high levels of noise and disturbance 24/7. ATCA takes the view that this part of the bylaw has to be reviewed and the previous time/speed restrictions restored. A better solution would be to implement a 5 knot speed limit for 600 meters downstream of the bridge. We ask boat owners to please respect this unofficial speed limit as a courtesy.

A.T. LAGOON RESTORATION (and Anglers Access and Clutha Bank)

This work is ongoing and part of a 5 year project our sub-committee has planned, subject to funding and volunteer help. In 2018 about 250 natives shrubs and trees were planted, including the Community Orchard (so far apple, pear, plum and hazelnut trees have been planted). Work on an irrigation system will begin soon. Restoration planting has now extended to Anglers Access (funds from Freshwater Improvement Fund) and along the River bank in the vicinity of the swimming hole largely due to the support of James Lindsay.


DOC has confirmed the Gunn Road kid's bike park will not be closed. However, DOC will not contribute to its upkeep or expansion. If you and your kids value the bike park, please contact us to help preserve this great asset for our community.   

Party in the Park!

Sunday 17th March 2019
11:00 am - 2:00pm


With the increasing number of dogs in the area and dog excrement being left behind by irresponsible dog owners especially in local walking tracks, ATCA approached Council to install dog excrement bins. One has been positioned in the reserve at the end of Gunn Rd. We are currently requesting another at the junction of Gunn Rd and Lagoon Ave.


ATCA has joined the Wanaka Backyard Trapping Group. The aim of the initiative is to trap predators that live within urban areas, namely rats, mice, hedgehogs, ferrets and stoats. We have been given 15 DOC-approved traps and will limit our initial involvement to the A.T. Lagoon. Poison is not used and the traps are cat-proof.

ATCA encourages individual members to join Wanaka Backyard Trapping and set a trap in their own property.


Interested in helping to shape Albert Town's future? Have you got ideas to share about housing, climate change, growth and land use in your town? 

The Prince Albert, Albert Town
Tuesday 26 February
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Register at